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Electra Water Lily Cruiser Bike Saddle

22,49 €(PVPR) (PVPR) (PVPR) Modelo 32678
Electra lifestyle saddles help to personalize your ride.
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Fun and fashionable

With so much style, it's a shame that you have to cover it up.

Detalles del producto

  1. Custom Cruiser saddle w/comfort-enhancing steel or elastomer springs
  2. Features large seating area, kid's saddles designed for kids' bicycles
  3. Standard rails fit most adult bicycles

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Talla 228mm x 195mm
Longitud 228 mm
Anchura 195 mm
Dimensiones del raíl Redondo 7x7 mm (estándar)
Material de la funda Vinilo
Material del raíl Acero

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