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Electra Townie Kraton Ergo Long Grips

kr 149,00(Vejl. Pris) (Vejl. Pris) (Vejl. Pris) Model 29402
Comfortable grips are key for a comfortable ride.
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Get a grip…or two!

Grips are a key point of contact between you and your bike.

Comfortable grips are a must-have.


  1. Electra lifestyle grips help to personalize your ride
  2. Durable Kraton lock-on grips featuring ergonomic shape for comfort and support
  3. Matching saddle available for some models
  4. Set of two grips

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Længde 130/130 mm
Diameter 22,2 mm
Endetype Åben
Materiale Kraton
Vægt 172g

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