Explore further, rip harder. Trek electric mountain bikes let you conquer climbs and crush laps with natural-feeling boost that makes light work of sky-high trails that point straight up, so you can get to the top without feeling winded for the down. Our e-MTBs give you the same trail-taming tech as our traditional mountain bikes because they are built on the same legacy of frame and suspension tech that’s been trail-tested and trusted for decades.

Ride it, rally it and power back to the top for more.

What is an electric mountain bike?

e-Mountain bikes are trail-savvy bikes with an electric assist system that boosts your own power. They help you cruise up steep climbs with ease and conquer longer days in the saddle. Like a traditional mountain bike, e-MTBs are built with rock-gobbling suspension and rugged frames that can handle rocks and roots, so you can count on them to keep rolling through the rough.

How do electric mountain bikes work?

Trek e-MTBs use a pedal-assist motor. Pedal-assist systems provide power that helps keep your wheels spinning when you pedal and switches off support when you stop pedalling for a natural-feeling ride and control weaving through tight, technical singletrack.

What kind of motors do e-MTBs use?

All Trek electric mountain bikes are built with mid-drive motors that are located at the centre of your bike, near the front chain ring. Mid-drive motors provide a stable centre of gravity and are available with a huge range of power capacities to give you the right amount of support for how you want to ride.

Why you’ll love your e-mountain bike

Electric mountain bikes give your personal pedal power a boost, so the only thing taking your breath away is the view at the top of the climb. They empower you to ride further, ride faster, soar up steep trails and tackle more grin-inducing miles with friends.

Safer, sustainable batteries

All Trek e-bike batteries are third-party certified for safety and durability, so all you need to worry about is where you’ll ride next. Plus, we've even partnered with Call2Recycle to safely recycle used e-bike batteries at the end of their life to keep them out of landfills.

Better design for a better ride

The best ride quality starts with an e-bike motor made by brands you can trust. We exclusively partner with the top e-bike drive system manufacturers, so you get technology you can count on for thousands of rough and rowdy miles to come.

Built by Bosch

Bringing over a century of experience to the table, Bosch offers the most trusted e-bike technology you can take to the trail. With motors built to rally through the rough, Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) systems for easy battery stashing, and smart assist that automatically adjusts power to your terrain and how you ride, Bosch is a tech leader that knows you want to focus on the miles ahead – not your motor.

Tech dialled with TQ

New to e-bikes, but not so new to groundbreaking tech, TQ hit the trail in 2022 with the lightweight HPR-50 drive system that flipped the industry on its head. The brand’s compact motor packs in all the torque, power and speed you need to rip, in a package that not only boasts incredible durability – it’s also so quiet you might forget it’s even there. 2022 Pinkbike Innovation of the Year

Fuel EXe

The Fuel EXe is an e-MTB that bridges the gap between power and peace with an ultra-quiet assist that all but disappears in the woods.

Assist: Up to 20 mph
Range: 2 to 5 hours
Battery size: 360Wh
Torque: 50Nm


The Rail is a hard-charging electric trail bike with plenty of travel and proven technology to get you through the rough stuff.

Assist: Up to 20 mph
Range: Up to 6 hours
Battery size: 750 Wh or 500 Wh
Torque: 85Nm


The Powerfly is a versatile and powerful e-MTB that helps you explore more of your off-road world.

Assist: Up to 20 mph
Range: 3 to 5 hours
Battery size: 500 Wh or 625 Wh

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