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No matter what type of riding you like to do, there’s an electric bike for you. And once you integrate an e-bike into your daily life, don’t be surprised if you find yourself going by bike more and more often. Because not only are electric bikes super useful, they’re super fun to ride.

Electric bikes are for everyone

Electric hybrid bikes

Comfortable, versatile, and fun. These bikes provide the extra power you need to go farther, carry more, cut down on car trips, and have fun riding with friends.

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Electric commuter bikes

These bikes are built with bigger batteries, faster motors, and ride-ready features like fenders, racks, and lights so you can tackle longer commutes and even replace your car!

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Electric road bikes

Ride with faster groups, push yourself to go a few more miles, and never get dropped on a climb. E-road bikes look and feel like a traditional road bike, just with an extra boost.

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Why choose a Trek electric bike?

An e-bike is an investment that will enrich your life for years to come, so it’s important to choose one that’s capable, built to last, and feels great to ride. Our goal is to give you all that and more, which is why we design each of our e-bikes from the ground up, keeping the rider in mind every step of the way.

Vi er sykkelfolk

Alle Trek elsykler er resultatet av 40 år med produktkunnskap og utviklingserfaring. I et marked der nye merker og produsenter spretter opp som markblomster, leverer Trek den tryggheten som kun kommer med en etablert historikk innen sykkelindustrien.

Best-in-class drive systems

Cheap e-bikes are built with cheap drive systems—and all the problems that come with them. At best, they provide a clunky, jerky riding experience and at worst they’re truly unsafe. You won’t have any of these issues when you choose a Trek electric bike. We only use best-in-class electric drive systems for our e-bikes, and they have to meet our incredibly high standards of quality, dependability, serviceability, and ease of use. The only thing we want you to worry about is where you’ll go next.

Powered by Bosch

Bosch has led the world in battery and motor innovation for decades, and their drive systems power the majority of our electric bike lineup.

Bosch’s integrated drive systems are designed specifically for your preferred style of riding, and are produced and engineered by the world’s foremost names in cycling components and consumer electronics.

Bosch systems feel great from your first ride and perform reliably for years to come. Plus, they’re backed by generous warranties, easily serviced by our worldwide network of retailers, and developed in partnership with cycling industry leaders, including Trek.

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Powered by Fazua

When we’re designing e-bikes for riders who only use a boost for strategic purposes—like road riders heading up an epic switchback climb—we often turn to Fazua drive systems. Fazua’s unique design is discreet, ultra-lightweight, and can even be completely removed from the bike. Like Bosch, they have a proven history of performance and reliability, are backed by an excellent warranty program, and are easily serviced by Trek retailers worldwide.


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