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Faster, Longer Lasting, and Fewer Flats

The all-new R3 is one tire that can do it all. Fast enough for race day, yet durable enough for every day, the R3 is your go to road tire for great ride feel and lasting performance. Rethinking our research and design resulted in new proprietary compounds and technologies for a do-it-all road tire that rolls faster, lasts longer, and better protects against flats.

Race Ready

Leading speed, confidence, and durability make the R3 Hard-Case Lite Road Tire perfectly suitable for race day or everyday.

Faster rolling

Bontrager's proprietary TR Speed Compound rolls faster. We went back to the drawing board and totally reworked our rubber compound to deliver a tire that is faster in the lab and faster on the road.

More miles

The updated tread design, casing construction, and all-new TR-Speed deliver the perfect blend of speed, traction, and tread life. Detailed testing shows significant improvement in wear rate so you can get that new tire feel for longer, lots longer.

Fewer flats

The improved Hard-Case Lite Puncture Protection adds in a Nylon10 breaker belt that offers increased protection against flats while maintaining a supple, smooth-rolling ride feel.

Added traction

The R3's lightly treaded casing adds traction and conrnering confidence. As the tire size increases the traction becomes more pronounced, perfect for aligning the tire size for intended use.

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