Cycling shoe maintenance and care

It’s important to keep your cycling shoes clean and well maintained so they continue performing their best and don’t wear out faster than they should. You should also give your cleats and fasteners a good look over after every few rides and replace any parts that are worn out.

How to clean your cycling shoes

Wipe your shoes with a damp cloth if they’re dusty and dirty after a ride. If they’re grimy and crusted with mud, remove the insoles, loosen up straps and buckles, and dunk them in a bucket of water mixed with a bit of mild washing-up liquid. Then, scrub them gently but thoroughly with a soft brush, paying close attention to buckles and cleats. Rinse your shoes in cool water once you’ve finished. Finally, stuff your shoes with newspaper and leave them to dry out. Never put your shoes in the dryer or leave them to dry near a heat source.

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How to install or change cycling cleats

Cleats are an integral part of your clipless shoe set-up. It’s important to make sure they are installed and maintained properly to keep you riding safely and having fun.

How long do cycling cleats last?

It’s difficult to give exact timing for this, as it really depends on the rider. Cleat wear depends on how often you ride, how many miles you put in, your riding style, how much you walk in your shoes and whether or not your shoes have recessed cleats. It’s generally best to play it safe and not let your cleats get too worn out before you replace them. Riding with worn out cleats can make you unable to clip into – or worse, unable to clip out of – your pedals.

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How will I know if my cleats are wearing out?

You’ll notice the following signs as your cleats begin to wear down to the point of replacement: it’s either too hard or too easy to twist out of them as compared to when you first got them, and the connection between the pedal and cleat will have more play or looseness than before.

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