Looks like a Session… or does it?

The benchmark of downhill mountain bikes is back with a whole new look – and a whole lot of new speed to go with it. Park runs or World Cup circuit, Session finds the fast on the rowdiest trails with a new high-pivot frame design, 200 mm of travel and the world’s best suspension tech.

The winningest downhill bike

Raking in thirteen World Cup DH gold medals, the Session takes the cake as the winningest race bike of 2021. With plenty of gold medals under its belt, it’s no surprise that the Session earned the title as the fastest downhill ride of the year from both the Pinkbike and Global Mountain Bike Networks.

All speed, no hang-ups
Session’s high-pivot suspension design

The Session features a high-pivot suspension design that results in a rearward axle path, allowing the back wheel to move with the rearward force produced by bumps rather than against it.

On the trail, this translates to smoother suspension that doesn’t get hung up on obstacles and instead maintains more forward momentum and provides better grip.

Less kickback. More performance.
Session’s idler pulley

Pedal-kickback is that feeling you get when your crank rotates backward as your suspension compresses. It’s the result of tension caused by chain growth – when the rearward axle path increases the distance between your cogs and front chainring.

To keep you rolling smoothly on even the rowdiest lines, the new Session is equipped with an idler pulley that routes the top section of the chain closer to the high pivot and virtually eliminates chain growth and all of its negative effects.

Tune for your trail

Session now features a Mino Link suspension adjustment so you can tune your ride for your kind of session. Choose a firmer 25% progression for race day or the plusher 20% progression for park days.

New reach-based sizing

The new Session has a sizing strategy based on reach rather than seat tube length, which lets you choose the size that best fits your riding style. Size up for more stability at speed, size down for more manoeuvrability.

Size-specific chainstays

Ride balanced, whatever your frame size. Session’s chainstays grow to match the frame’s size, ensuring you get the right weight distribution for control on your biggest lines.

Run it mullet!

Every Session comes stocked for speed with 29er wheels, but the frame accommodates 27.5˝ wheels and party-in-the-back riders can run 29er up-front only.

Hitch without worry

Full-coverage armour helps prevent down tube damage from trail debris and makes for worry-free shuttling on tailgates and chair lifts.

Route it your way

Run your cables in whatever custom variation you prefer: externally for easy replacement or internally to prevent snags and hang-ups.

Additional trail bike options


Slash is a long-travel trail bike that looks like a monster truck and rides like a magic carpet. It’s built for big all-mountain terrain, racing the clock on rugged enduro lines and having a rip-roaring good time in the rough.


Remedy is a hard-charging trail bike with 27.5˝ wheels, a 160 mm fork and 150 mm of rear travel and all the stoke-worthy features that make it perfect for hitting jumps, roosting corners and throwing down on the trail.