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Works of art

Project One ICON is a collection of premium paint schemes that represent the highest level of artistry in custom bicycles. These bespoke designs are about more than colours that stand out: they're filled with texture depth and mood. Each ICON showcases a mastery of brush and paint and reflects the passion the most experienced Project One artists bring to their craft.

Molten Marble | Cosmos | Black Gold | Prismatic Pearl | Refliptive | Liquid Metal

Molten Marble

Pearly Red Lava/Smoky Chrome Swirl
Molten Marble brings the heat. With hypnotising swirls of pearly red lava and smoky chrome, this paint scheme is a real force of nature. Available with or without Trek-Segafredo race team logos on Madone models only.


Purple Phase/Deep Dark Blue/Metallic Black
Cosmos is a paint scheme of galactic proportions. Take your ride from ordinary to otherworldly with three phases of colour that fade from planetary purple to deep dark blue to the metallic black of deep space, all dotted with unique, hand-flecked constellations.

Black Gold

Black/Gold Metallic Flake
Up close, the Black Gold paint scheme is as classy as a tuxedo. From a distance, the metallic flake and the raised dimensional logos give it a golden texture and depth.

Prismatic Pearl

Prismatic Pearl/Trek Black Matte
Is every one of your rides a vision quest? Prismatic Pearl is a psychedelic, mind-bending paint scheme on a different plane of consciousness. It morphs in changing light to show every colour and shade in the rainbow.


Amethyst/Bright Green/Purple Flip
Refliptive is a new twist on a coveted scheme of cycling’s past. Shades of amethyst and bright green flip to purple in changing light like a mood ring (if you’re always in a good mood). This scheme also features reflective logos.

Brushed Liquid Metal

Brushed Liquid Metal/Dark Smoke Tint
No two Brushed Liquid Metal paint schemes are alike. Beneath the glossy finish, the unique hand-scuffed undercoat has an industrial character with a deep, smoky tint.

Chrome Pearl

White Pearl/Chrome Red
Chrome Pearl boasts a sophisticated pearlescent white finish and striking, mirror-like red chrome logos. This scheme is a real gem, and its sure to shine at the top of any podium.

The seven premium Project One ICON designs will turn heads wherever you ride. But if these don’t suit your style, there are plenty of other colour options in Project One. Whether you favour bright and bold or sleek and subdued, start right here to create your dream ride.

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