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Electra Hotster Cruiser Tire

24,99 €(UVP) (UVP) (UVP) Modell 12717
Where the rubber meets the road... literally.
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Get pumped

Custom Electra tires are perfect for replacements or upgrades.

Propelling you along the pavement. Or the boardwalk. Whatever.


  1. Hotster flame tread tire adds a touch of retro fun to any ride
  2. Smooth tread Cruiser tire
  3. 26" X 2.125"
  4. Tube not included
  5. Tires are sold individually

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Technische Daten

Größe 26" x 2.125"
Durchmesser 26"
Breite 2,125"
Durometer 57a/48a
Wulstkern Draht
Typ Drahtreifen
Höchstdruck 65 psi
ETRTO 57-559
Gewicht 1047g

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