Plus sized tires

What is Plus?
Our Plus mountain bikes feature wider tires that provide incredible traction, and the huge increase in confidence that comes with it. Plus (also known as “mid-fat”) tires typically measure 2.8-3.0˝ wide, whereas traditional mountain bikes tires are around 2˝ wide.

What are the benefits of Plus?
With all that extra rubber on the ground, Plus bikes provide a new level of traction in all circumstances. That means more confidence when ripping through corners. More stability in rough or loose terrain. An uncanny ability to get up technical climbs. You’ll charge harder through challenging terrain. You’ll clean new sections of trail. You’ll have more confidence, allowing you to enjoy the ride more and ride trails you never thought possible.

Who should ride a Plus bike?
Anyone looking for more traction and confidence on the trail!

New riders

Bikes with plus tires are a great choice for new riders looking for extra capability and stability. Roscoe and select Powerfly models are excellent options for those new to the sport.

Experienced riders in rugged terrain

Experienced riders in rugged or loose terrain will appreciate the extra capability from wider tires.

Getting the most out of your plus tires
Wider tires require wider rims, which ensure the tires won’t fold over in corners. All Trek bikes with plus tires come stock with wider rims.

More air, less pressure

Plus-tires hold more air, which means you should run lower pressure to further increase traction and confidence. We recommend starting with 14-20 psi and adjusting from there based on personal preference and the day’s riding conditions.

Find your sweet spot

Take the time to dial in that sweet spot between traction and sidewall stability. If the ride feels excessively bouncy, pressure is too high. If the sidewalls feel unstable in hard corners or the rim bottoms out, pressure is too low.


Confidence-inspiring trail hardtail with 27.5+ tires perfect for newer riders.

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27.5+ tires are available on select models of our electric-assist full suspension and hardtail models.

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Tire width is just one variable to consider when choosing the right mountain bike. Check out our mountain bike buyer’s guide for a detailed breakdown of everything you should consider when making a buying decision.