Why electric road bikes are awesome

Electric road bikes are similar to the e-bikes you know and love, but they’re lighter, faster, and designed to deliver a real road bike experience over longer distances. Just like road bikes are generally more performance-oriented than traditional city bikes, these drop-bar e-road bikes are generally more high-performance than traditional city e-bikes. You can use an e-road bike for your daily commute, but they really shine on fast-paced group rides, long solo rides, and epic weekend adventures.

What is an e-road bike?

E-road bikes have an electric assist system that boosts your own power so you can ride faster, climb with ease, ride through headwinds, and cover greater distances. They’re designed for riding primarily on pavement, but many models are also great on mixed surfaces and gravel.

How do e-road bikes work?

Our e-road bikes are pedal assist, which means the electric motor helps turn your pedals while you’re pedaling. The motor amplifies your own power for a natural ride feel that lets you enjoy everything you love about road riding, and nothing you don’t.

Why you’ll love your e-road bike

E-road bikes supercharge your legs you so you can focus less on catching your breath and more on soaking up the sights and spending time with friends.

Push any pace

Ride with faster groups, power through headwinds, and take the scenic route while still saving time.

Adventure without limits

Legs heavy? Wind howling? On an e-road bike, you can leave limits behind thanks to an extra boost that helps you power through the toughest parts of a ride.

Fly up hills

The extra power helps you make short work of any climb, leaving you with more energy to enjoy the ride, clock more miles, and hit more hills!

Where to ride your electric road bike

You can ride your e-road bike on pavement, gravel, and bike paths, too. Regulations vary by country, state, and city, so check out PeopleForBikes’ resources or contact your local authorities for more details.

We’re your e-bike experts

For over 40 years we’ve created all kinds of bicycles, from cutting-edge performance bikes that win the world’s biggest races to fun, reliable bikes loved by thousands across the globe. And in 2001 we started making electric bicycles to give riders like you the power to do more on two wheels.

These decades of hard-earned product knowledge and development experience are why you can feel confident choosing a Trek electric bike. Creating awesome bikes is what we do—it’s the heart, soul, and focus of our company. We know e-bikes are an investment, and you can count on us to be with you on every ride, now and long into the future.

Wherever you are—we’re there, too

We have a worldwide network of certified e-bike retailers and service centers, so you’ll always be able to find a qualified mechanic who understands electric bikes.

We’ll take care of you

We’re proud to have the best warranty program in the industry to help you get back on the road doing what you love. Every Trek e-bike is backed by a lifetime frame warranty and a two-year battery warranty.

Best-in-class electronics

We only use pedal-assist e-bike drive systems that meet our incredibly high standards of quality, reliability, serviceability, and ease of use, so you can worry less about your bike and more about whether or not you packed enough snacks.

Domane+ SLR

Domane+ SLR is our lightest and fastest e-road bike, weighing in at just ~26 pounds with 32 km/h assist for your biggest adventures. You'll enjoy our highest-level 800 Series OCLV Carbon, smart frame design, compact and whisper-quiet e-system, and newly refined road-smoothing IsoSpeed.

Domane+ AL

Our highest-value electric road bike lets you take the scenic route without breaking the bank. Domane+ AL features a light and strong aluminum frame and premium features like an integrated top-tube display and hidden mode control buttons on the hoods.