How to clean your cycling helmet

Proper care and cleaning of your bike helmet can help ensure it looks and performs its best on every ride. It’s easy! We’ll walk through the process and share some tips for keeping your helmet in top shape.

How to properly clean your bike helmet

This is super simple. Just gently wash your helmet with mild soap and water. Any sink or bathtub will do, but we've even heard stories of riders taking their helmets into the shower with them!

Washing bike helmet pads

We recommend washing your helmet pads by hand in cold water with mild soap. You can put them in the washing machine (cold temperature, gentle cycle) but there’s a chance they may begin to separate. Do not put pads in the dryer! Air dry them. If they have disintegrated too much, consider replacing them for a fresh fit.

Washing bike helmet straps

Wet the straps with water and mild soap. Lightly rub the straps to clean them. Scrub harder if you are washing light colored straps—they show dirt and sweat easier.

Tips for longer-lasting bike helmets

Store your helmet in a cool and dry location out of sunlight. Avoid high heat, such as inside a car on a sunny day. Excessive heat can damage the liner or shell or make them come apart.

Also avoid chemicals. The helmet may be damaged and rendered ineffective by petroleum and petroleum products, cleaning agents, paints, adhesives, and the like without the damage being visible to the user—this includes insect repellants that contain DEET!

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