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Rail electric mountain bikes

Hard-charging hero-maker

The all-new Rail is the e-MTB for riders who consider the trail a second home. It shreds just as hard as its non-electric brethren, then powers you right back up the mountain – so leave your lift ticket at home. You’re gonna send it, no shuttle necessary.

Every Rail model has Bosch’s new Performance Line CX drive system, long-travel suspension and trail-worthy tech that will help you push your limits right to the edge.

A new era for e-MTB

Bosch brings a new standard of power and performance to the trail with the all-new Performance Line CX drive system. It’s light, compact, and responsive, and it delivers more range and less drag than ever before.

Better, burlier suspension

Going down or up, Rail shreds like the trail bike it is. Every model is built with a 160 mm fork and 150 mm of rear travel, and select models have a RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft shock that gives you more capability to rip through rough terrain.

Smarter battery access

Trek’s Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system integrates the battery into the frame for protection and gives you easy, tool-free, drive-side access. Turn the key and the battery pops out. It’s that simple.

Bosch Performance Line CX: lighter, smaller and a whole lot more fun

Bosch leads the world in e-MTB systems, and every Rail model features Bosch’s new Performance Line CX drive unit. Like every Bosch e-MTB system, it’s built to rip and backed by outstanding global service and support.

Small and mighty

The all-new Bosch Performance Line CX drive system is smaller and lighter, and puts out less pedalling resistance for a more natural feel on the trail.

Low-resistance ride

The new gearbox significantly reduces pedalling resistance at higher speeds and when the drive is switched off, so you’ll experience the trail naturally, exactly as it’s meant to be ridden.

Ready for adventure

This system was built to withstand extreme loads on truly rugged trails and deliver the kind of long-lasting performance you need for your biggest adventures.

More speed, more power, more trails, more fun

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