A closeup of a gloved right hand gripping mountain bike handlebars with an index finger on the brake lever.

The world’s ocean plastic problem

Each year, five million tons of it makes its way into our oceans, wreaking havoc on the ecosystem and marine life.

This has to change.

The solution, according to our partner Plastix, is a massive shift towards a circular economy where the world’s plastic never becomes waste.

They focus on capturing ocean-bound plastics and converting them to raw material, which can then be manufactured into other products – including some you’ll use every day on your bike.

Bontrager grips with recycled plastic cores

Thanks to our partnership with Plastix, Bontrager XR Trail, SE Elite and XR Endurance Grips give a second life to ocean-bound plastics. Each grip has a recycled core made from 85% gathered end-of-life fishing nets, ropes and post-use rigid plastics.

SE Elite Recycled Grips

The SE Elite Recycled grips feature a lock-on grip with a unique tread pattern and a thick profile that elevates comfort and control for technical trails.

Getting a grip on sustainability

We’re proud to continue to partner with Plastix on Bontrager’s XR Trail, SE Elite and XR Endurance Recycled Grips to help keep plastic out of our oceans – but this isn’t where we stop. We’re also committed to expanding our process for more sustainable manufacturing of bike accessories and continuing to create additional product lines made using recycled materials. This is part of our sustainability plan, and our commitment to you and the planet.

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