Fitting your Speed Concept

Our system is fully customizable, simple to adjust, and preserves your fit while you travel

Except for aerodynamics, there is nothing more important than how your triathlon bike fits—if you’re more comfortable, you’ll perform better. For Speed Concept, we purposefully created a fit system that allows a wide variety of riders to dial in a great fit.

We also focused on making this system easy to live with. The result makes traveling much less stressful result, delivers superior flexibility for fine-tuning your fit, and is quick to adjust—in fact, you can make all important adjustments with just a few allen keys.

A great fit for more riders

This graph shows the 200+ fit data points we considered when designing Speed Concept. Our goal was to capture as many of these real-world fit positions as possible, while also keeping the front end simple, clean, and aerodynamic.

Pad Stack and Reach (7 Deg Extension Angle)

By the numbers

S, M, L, XL

115mm adjustment

160mm adjustment

120mm adjustment

100mm adjustment

It’s easy to travel with Speed Concept

Though Speed Concept fit specifics are fairly complicated, once you get your fit dialed in, you may not have to touch it ever again—even when you travel! We made sure that your fit will be preserved when you arrive at your destination, so there’s no more stressing about accidental fit adjustments that could throw off your race.

Our fit system also makes Speed Concept very easy to pack. If your travel case allows for it, packing can be as simple as removing the base bars from the frame by loosening three bolts. For tighter-fitting cases, you can remove an additional four bolts to take the towers off the base bar. Either way, your fit is perfectly preserved, and it only takes a few minutes to put back together.

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