More ways to optimise your ride

Charge into the unknown with rugged power and tons of travel. The Rail is here to deliver serious versatility, range and torque for shuttling your own enduro laps, and now features Bosch’s smart system across all models. You get more customisation for the ultimate e-MTB adventure machine, plus aggressive geometry and a big battery for taking on endless mountain miles.

Up to 25 km/h


Up to 6 hours

500 to 750 Wh

Built to perform

Since 1886 (yes, you read that right) Bosch has been building technology based around two driving principles – precision and quality. Today, they make some of the most revered motors in the e-bike world. They deliver powerful, natural-feeling assist that’s backed with a global network of support that’s there for you no matter what.

Intelligent assist

The Performance Line CX motor gives you 85 Nm of torque to get you up steep climbs and accelerate to top speeds. Choose from four ride modes depending on the level of support you want. The Tour+ and eMTB modes automatically adjust the assist based on your pedalling input and the terrain so you get predictable, natural-feeling power.

Our Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system lets you pull your battery off quickly and easily. No awkward reaching under your downtube or digging in the toolbox required.

The Rail might get a lot of praise for being powerful, but you can put a big motor on just about anything these days. What really makes the Rail rip is its progressive geometry, long travel suspension and fine-tuned features that come together to make one hell of a mountain bike.

Long travel legend

With 150 mm of rear and 160 mm of front suspension, the Rail is built to soak up big hits. Go ahead, point it down steep, chunky granite slabs. It’ll show you what it’s made of.

Tuned in with you

Quickly and easily adjust the fit and feel of your the Rail with Mino Link, so your bike is always dialled to the terrain and your riding style.

Travel that won’t throw in the towel

Trek’s exclusive Active Braking Pivot keeps your suspension active while you’re braking, boosting traction and control even when the trail gets hairy.

Rips like a monster truck

Big 29˝ wagon wheels reduce rolling resistance so you can charge straight through the chunder on loose and wily trails.

The Carbon Rail takes the trail up a notch with a light but burly OCLV Mountain Carbon frame and longer, slacker geometry that crushes through the gnarly stuff. Inspired by the Slash, the Carbon Rail is built to elevate stability and speed on descents so you can cut loose and push it to the limits.

Intuitive integration

Bosch’s System Controller sits flush on Rail 9.8 and 9.9’s top tube for a clean look at your charge level and currently-selected assist mode.. Easily toggle through modes, or turn on walk assist with the compact new Mini Remote.

More power, more fun

The all-carbon Rail models feature longer new geometry that makes room for a lofty 750 Wh battery. Head out for sun-up to sun-down adventures. We’ll wait.

Built for the hard knocks

An oversized head tube and seat tube give you the durability you need for big trail days, and offers room for bigger, more durable dropper posts.

Perfect pressure

Keep pressure under control with TyreWiz and AirWiz pressure monitors that track your tyre and suspension pressure. Set desired pressures in SRAM’s AXS app and check the lights before each ride – red means you need to dial in the pressure, green means you’re ready to let it rip. Available on Rail 9.9 models.

Power up your ride with a more pocket-friendly hard-hitter on Rail alloy. It loads you up with the same capable 150 mm/160 mm of travel as its carbon counterpart, but with an Alpha Platinum Aluminium frame that rips up the trail and not your wallet. Plus, you still get the new Bosch smart system with all the connectivity you want, so you don’t have to miss out on a customised ride.

LED visibility

Easy to access with your hands on the bars, this new remote features colour-coded ride modes for instant recognition. It also auto-adjusts the brightness of the remote’s display depending on ambient light levels so you can always see your support level.

Sleek set-up

The Rail alloy skips bulky displays for a clean cockpit that’s fuss-free and tidy. Smart system capability means that you can easily add a display later if you want more details on the go.


The Gen 2 Alloy and Gen 3 Carbon Rail gets you the same rugged, high-power machine as the latest generation, but skips Bosch’s smart system, Mini Remote and LED display for a simple, app-free ride. It still features Active Braking Pivot, RIB and 85 Nm of torque, so you get plenty of bike for the buck with a legacy e-system.

Rail with smart system

Gen 3 alloy and Gen 3/4 carbon Rail give you Bosch’s smart system with a streamlined LED System Controller display and compact Mini-Remote. It’s everything you love about the previous generation – just a little bit smarter.

Looking for something else?

Fuel EXe

Looking for a balance of power and natural ride feel? The Fuel EXe offers smooth assist that doesn’t overdo it. With a quiet ride and just enough power to make climbing a breeze, the Fuel EXe is the go-to for those who want an e-bike that doesn’t look like an e-bike.


Powerfly is the ideal electric mountain bike for new riders who want a fun introduction to the wide world of singletrack. It's stacked with proven Trek trail features, just with shorter travel, easier handling, and a more comfortable upright fit.

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