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Powerfly electric mountain bikes

Your playground just got bigger

Powerfly electric mountain bikes are built for adventure-minded riders who want to explore more of the world. The e-MTBs are powerful, capable and fun – and they’re offered in multiple hardtail and full-suspension options that will help you ride further and faster, get up steeper climbs and access more adventure on any trail.

Ultimate e-MTB versatility

Powerfly is built to stand up to the rigours of the trail, and it’s a great choice for both singletrack and rugged daily commutes. Hardtail models include mounts for a rear rack so you can carry your essential gear.

User-friendly battery system

Trek’s Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system keeps your battery hidden and protected in the frame. When you want to remove it, you turn the key and the battery pops out, exposing the integrated easy-carry handle. It’s that simple.

Smarter driveside access

Most electric mountain bike systems put the battery under the down tube, where it collects dirt and mud and is difficult and messy to remove. With RIB, you access the battery from the driveside, where it’s both more protected and easier to access.

True trail tech

Exclusive trail tech like Active Braking Pivot, Straight Shot downtube, and RE:aktiv shocks on full suspension Powerfly models delivers a smooth, confidence-inspiring ride so you can focus on what matters: good times on the trail.

Reliable Bosch performance

If you’re considering an e-MTB without a Bosch drive system, you’re heading down the wrong trail. Bosch has led the world in battery and motor innovation for decades, and they’re the only supplier that provides outstanding global support and service.

Built for the trail

Every Powerfly is equipped with a high-performance Bosch drive unit designed specifically for the demands of mountain biking.

Long-life battery

Bosch e-MTB systems include dependable long-range batteries that let you extend your adventure. Charging up is as easy as charging your phone – and you can do so while the battery is on or off the bike.

Incredible global support

Bosch’s dependable e-bike systems are backed by an outstanding warranty, worldwide support, and expert service at Trek retailers around the globe.

Extend your adventure Ride faster and further, climb bigger climbs and have more fun

Powerfly Long Travel

These rugged bikes are built for shredding untamed mountain trails all-day long. The long-travel suspension soaks up tough terrain and proven Bosch pedal-assist lets you climb like never before.

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