how to get your bike ready to ride

How to get your bike ready to ride

As we continue to spend more time indoors and away from our usual routines, activities, and hobbies, our need for an escape only grows.

Here’s the good news: the key to that escape is probably hanging in the corner of your garage, basement, or storage room. Here’s even better news: we’ve put together a list of everything you’ll need to get it ready to roll this season.

How to pump your tires

Find your tire pressure sweet spot and keep your ride smooth, comfortable, and safe.

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How to clean your chain

It’s a dirty job, but it’s crucial to your bike’s health.

Maintain your chain

The gear you need for great rides

Customize your bike and take any ride from ordinary to unforgettable with top-of-the-line gear.

Get yourself—and your stuff—where you need to go, while skipping the car, subway, and bus.

All about MIK racks and bags

With the right on-bike storage, your bike becomes endlessly more versatile.

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Be seen with daytime running lights

Daytime running lights are the essential accessory for every ride, and using them is the single best way to stand out to motorists.

Stand out on the road

More adventure? More storage.

Haul all the gear you need on your next gravel ride, multi-day excursion, or anything in-between.

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Road riding has a whole different set of demands. Meet them head on.

How to wrap your handlebar

Grab your tape and follow these instructions to make the perfect wrap.

Get a proper wrap

Be seen with daytime running lights

Make yourself extra visible to motorists during the daylight with daytime running lights.

Stand out on the road

A guide to cycling shoes

Everything you need to know to get the the best cycing shoes for the way you ride.

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An epic adventure without the right gear? Not possible.

Tubes vs. tubeless

Can’t decide between tubes or tubeless tires? We’ve got you.

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Light up the dark

See your favorite trails in a new light by riding them after dark with a powerful Ion front bike light.

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