Why Project One

You are unique. Your bike should be, too.

Shine like the sun. Blend into the night. Stand out from the crowd. Be one with the forest. Whatever your style, Project One ensures that your bike will match perfectly. With a seemingly endless palette of colours to choose from, plus stunning designs from our team of artists, Project One allows you to saddle up with self-expression on a one-of-a-kind ride that’s masterfully painted just for you.

Choose how you customise

Whether you want to blend colours, customise logos or just cherry-pick your components on a stock frame colour, there’s a Project One option that’s perfect for you. Explore eye-catching designs curated by our artists or let your imagination soar crafting your dream bike from scratch.


Customised build
We design: Choose your frame colour, then customise all the parts that are specific to your needs. Our master builders will assemble it for you.

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Classic customisation
You design: Pick from a seemingly endless palette of paint colours, then choose a logo colour and size to build a bike that matches your style.

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Choose your favourite colours
You design: Got more than one favourite colour? You don’t have to leave anything out. Customise three different frame elements with loads of colour choices.

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Full Fade

Two colours in tandem
You design: You pick from 14 Full Fade colour options and your choice of logo colour to blend your favourite colours together for one sweet ride.

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Designer Series

We've got you
We design: Premium, curated schemes from our masterminds of colour, painted in Waterloo. The perfect balance of personal preference and professional expertise.

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Absolute artistry
We design: A collection of ultra-premium designs featuring paint schemes filled with texture, depth and mood. Each ICON showcases the passion that the most experienced Project One artists bring to their craft.

They dream in design

Our team of talented designers breathe creativity into every Project One bike. Whether honing our paint selection to the most eye-catching combinations or using their artistic perspective to craft completely unique designs of their own, these artists are where it all starts.

Primed for the best painters

With designs on lock and paint guns prepped, our top painters take to the stage to transform your frame into a true work of art. They capture every meticulous detail to a T, so you can take home a bike that truly shines.

Built to perfection

Any mechanic can use a spanner, but only our master builders can transform a work of art into your perfect ride. They’ll take your cherry-picked components and masterfully build your bike so it’s ready to roll as soon as it gets home.

The benchmark of bike beauty

“The Trek team offers exceptionally crafted, exclusive customised paint jobs on their bikes that are unlike any other in the bike industry... Trek pulls out all the stops to make the customised bike experience a reality for their loyal fans.”

– Design & Innovation Award, 2022