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Bontrager Thorn-Resistant Schrader Valve Bicycle Tube

$24.95 Model 25259
An asymmetric tube with thick 4.1 mm rubber on the contact side to provide better flat protection.
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Flat less. Ride more.

Protect yourself from flats with Bontrager Thorn Resistant tubes. The asymmetric design uses thicker rubber on the tread side and thinner rubber elsewhere, which saves weight while maximising puncture protection.

Product details

  1. 4.1mm thickness (tread side)
  2. Asymmetric extrusion puts extra rubber along tyre sidewall and tread zones
  3. 100% inspected for guaranteed quality
  4. Purchase 20 tubes to receive a full case

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Size 20" x 1.9-2.125", 35mm 26" x 1.9-2.125", 35mm 29" x 2.0-2.4", 48mm 700C x 35-44mm, 35mm
Diameter 20" 26" 29" 700C
Width 1.9-2.125" 1.9-2.125" 2.0-2.4" 35-44 mm
Length 35mm 35mm 48 mm 35mm
Valve Schrader Schrader Schrader Schrader
ETRTO 48/54-406 50/57-559 51/61-622 35/44-622
Weight 455g 615g 750g 420g

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