Supercaliber Gen 2 FAQ

What is different about the frame compared to previous generation of Supercaliber?

The frame is completely new to make it a more capable bike without sacrificing any of the speed. The travel has been increased from 60 mm to 80 mm rear travel and the front suspension has increased from 100 mm to 110 mm. The geometry has been updated with a slightly longer reach and slacker headtube angle. There are now two unique Supercaliber frames. There is a lightweight SL frame and a super lightweight SLR Supercaliber frame. The frames look identical, however the SLR frame has a lighter carbon lay-up and does not have the internal cable routing guides on the mainframe. There is also a new RockShox SIDLuxe IsoStrut on all models.

What is the rear brake mount? What is the max rotor size?

160 mm direct post mount. Minimum and maximum rear rotor is 160 mm.

How much dropper post insertion does the frame have?

SM – 215 mm
MD – 225 mm
M/L – 250 mm
LG – 270 mm
XL – 330 mm

What is the hub spacing?

The frame uses 148 mm hub spacing and has a Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) for SRAM Eagle Transmission compatibility.

Which frame will be available as a frame set?

The lighter weight SLR frame will be offered as a frame set.

What is the maximum fork axle-to-crown and/or travel?

The bike is designed for a 110 mm travel fork, but it is compatible with 100 and 120 mm forks. This allows the rider to choose the fork and travel that best suits their preference for geometry, weight and performance. The maximum axle-to-race is 525 mm.

Is there any downtube protection?

Yes. There is a clear 3M adhesive film placed on the underside of the downtube to protect the frame and paint from downtube strikes.

Is it compatible with SRAM T-Type transmissions?

Yes. It has a universal derailleur hanger that can be removed and a hangerless T-Type transmission used in its place.

What is the seat tube dimension?

31.6 mm

What size tyre is spec’ed on the bikes?

All models get 29x2.4” tyres except for the Supercaliber SLR 9.9 XX SL T-Type which has 29x2.2” tyres on it to help save weight and because the new RockShox SID SL fork on that model has a max clearance for 29x2.35” tyres.

Is it compatible with other wheel/tyre sizes?

No. The bike is designed around fast-rolling 29” wheels on all sizes.

What is the maximum tyre size?

Frame: 2.40" Fork: See manufacturer

Are these bikes tubeless-compatible? What additional parts are required?

Yes. All models are tubeless out of the box. They include TLR strips, valves and sealant.

Can tubeless inserts be used with Supercaliber?

Yes, tyre inserts can be installed if desired.

What type of bottom bracket does it use?

Like the previous generation, it uses a press-fit 92 bottom bracket.

Is it compatible with cranks with 30 mm spindles?

Yes, but you'll need to supply your own a 30 mm bottom bracket and compatible crank.

What is the maximum chain ring size? Minimum chain ring size?

55 mm chain line only. Min chain ring is 30T, max chain ring is 38T

Is the new frame compatible with the previous FOX IsoStrut?

No, the frame is only compatible with the new RockShox SIDLuxe IsoStrut due to several dimensional changes (eye-to-eye, stroke, diameter).

What is the recommended sag for the new RockShox IsoStrut?

New Supercaliber was designed around 25% IsoStrut sag for a balanced level of rider efficiency and suspension response. Riders can also adjust set-up pressure throughout the 15-35% sag range, as marked on the new RockShox IsoStrut, to fine tune their set-up based on preference and riding conditions. Higher pressure/less sag = higher ride height and firmer and a more efficient pedalling bike, while lower pressure/more sag provides lower ride height and softer and more compliance through rough terrain.

Is there any special suspension set-up knowledge needed for the RockShox IsoStrut?

There are sag gradients marked on the strut to help you easily set-up and tune your preferred sag.
Also, the IsoStrut rebound has numeric labelling: 10 is slow rebound and 1 is fast rebound. You know, just like the podium you're racing for. No. 1 is fastest and higher numbers are slower. (Hope that helps you remember.)

Are there IsoStrut air volume spacers?

Yes. However, installing the RockShox air volume spacers is different than FOX. A walk-thru is available on Trek U.

Can all sizes fit two water bottles?

Yes, all sizes can fit two water bottles – one on the seat tube and one on the downtube.

Are there any unique tools required for this frame?

There is a unique bushing tool needed for service. See the Supercaliber service manual for details.

What is the warranty?

Standard Trek warranty. Lifetime for the main frame of original owner.

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