Adventure Bags

Pack up, roll out

The best part about bikes are the places they can take you. We developed a full line of Bontrager Adventure Bags with all the capability and gear storage you need to get outside and stay there – whether you’re gravel riding, bikepacking, touring or anything in between.

Adventure Handlebar Bag

Extra gear and hydration wrapped up in one. Our durable, easy-to-install handlebar bag is made with an integrated hydration bladder and hose with a magnetic bite valve so you can carry even more gear and stay hydrated wherever you roam.

Adventure Saddle bag

Saddle bags are a great way to carry more gear on longer adventures. The Adventure Saddle Bag is built with waterproof-materials and can be quickly installed or removed – plus it features an easy-access side zip, so you can reach gear while the roll-top is closed.

Adventure Boss Full Frame Bag

Leave no stone unturned with all the storage you need to go the long haul. The Adventure Full Frame Bag is built with lofty storage that’s water-resistant. Plus, it’s available in a range of sizes to fit most bikes and bolts directly onto the new Farley.

Adventure Boss Frame Bag

Frame bags are a must-have for bigger bike adventures. The Adventure Boss Frame Bag comes in six sizes to perfectly integrate with the Checkpoint, while still fitting most other bikes on the market. The bag features abrasion-resistant straps to protect your frame and plenty of dedicated, high-vis pocketing.

Adventure Top Tube Bag

Keep snacks, tools and gadgets easy to access and within reach in the Adventure Top Tube Bag. Its robust construction stands up to rough, long rides, plus, you can install it using the included straps or top tube accessory bolts, if your frame is compatible, for a tidy strap-free finish.

Adventure-ready designs

Each bag in our Adventure Bag line up is designed with thoughtful features and rugged materials that hang tough on any excursion.

Waterproof, durable materials

Keep your gear dry, safe and secure, no matter where your adventure takes you. We use waterproof materials that withstand the elements so you can roam far.

Secure, frame-safe straps

Soft-coated straps fasten securely to your frame without scratching the paint or rubbing on long, rowdy rides.

Easy access

High-quality, zipped pockets allow quick-and-easy access to your gear on the go.

A bag for every Checkpoint

The all-new Checkpoint and new Adventure Bags were designed together. Match the bag size with the bike size for a perfect fit. And for the cleanest look, use our thumb screws to secure the Adventure Boss Frame Bag directly into the new Checkpoint’s integrated top tube mounts.

Bolt onto FX, Dual Sport and Farley

While the Adventure Boss Frame Bag may have been designed for Checkpoint, it still bolts right into place on Farley, Dual Sport and FX when you add a set of thumb screws.

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