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Bontrager Shock Pump

$61.99 Model 08306
Our shock pump designed with two gauges to easily manage proper pressure in forks and rear shocks.
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A little air can go a long way

Our Shock Pump includes two gauges for precise pressure adjustments on both low-pressure forks and high pressure shocks. Included are a bleed valve, an on-off valve and suspension decal so you never forget how much to inflate to.

Product details

  1. Dual-sided gauge for pinpoint accuracy
  2. On/off valve prevents bleed down
  3. Bleed valve reduces pressure in small increments
  4. Large display for easy and accurate suspension set-up
  5. For front forks and rear shocks

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Pump type Suspension
Valve Schrader
Gauge type Analog
Max pressure 300psi
Frame mounted No
Weight 150g

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