Electra Bikes


Featuring our patented Flat Foot Technology® in all its glory, the Townie has gained legendary status and won hearts around the globe. Setting the standard for comfort and style, this signature Electra collection offers something for everyone. Once you ride a Townie, everything else is just a bike.


Electra Cruisers have been turning heads for more than 27 years. These classic bikes are infused with our Flat Foot Technology and distinct Electra style for an undeniably chill ride. Whether you’re heading down to the beach, happy hour or nowhere in particular, individuality comes standard.


The Loft is a lightweight urban bike that is at home in the city or any neighborhood. Designed with functional minimalism in mind, the Loft doesn’t sacrifice style and can handle the rigors of the streets, potholes or cabs. So go ahead, test the city limits.


We believe outside is your kid’s best side, and nothing gets the little ones out like an awesome bike. These look absolutely amazing and are super fun to ride, so they’re a no-brainer for the kids. Parents will love their durability and for our Flat Foot Technology that eliminates tippy toe stops and allows for adjustability as they grow.