Accessorize your FX

Your platform for personalization

Customize your FX to work, play, and live the way you want. Whether you’re adding a pop of color to make your ride one of a kind or ditching the car to run errands by bike, FX can be dialed in to perfectly meet your needs. From rain-shielding fenders to racks and lights, bike bags to burly locks, the only limit to your FX is your imagination.

Get equipped for your next adventure

Cruise through commutes

Load up to breeze past traffic with accessories that simplify your commute. Find racks and panniers for carrying your day’s essentials, fenders to keep your wardrobe splash-free and on point, lights that help you stay seen, and locks for securing your steed when you get there.

Fitness comes first

Sleek and streamlined for rides that get your blood pumping, these accessories will help you get the most out of every spin. Get bottles for keeping hydrated, tools for quick repairs, and computers that help you track rides and reach your goals.

Fun for the whole family

Let the good times roll through generations with accessories for bringing along the whole family. Load up with trailers for cruising with your little one or furry friends in tow, kick stands that add ease to playground stops, and lights and bells to help you be seen and heard.

Essential gear for every ride

You only get one brain

Whether pedaling far or going for a quick ride, start out right by adding protection. Find helmets that fit your style and budget.

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See. Be seen.

Small lights, massive impact. Daytime running lights help motorists see you from a meaningful distance while you ride.

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Water bottles and cages

Hydration is key. Find bottles and cages for bringing along your favorite drink on every ride.

Racks and fenders

Load up for adventure, no matter the weather, with racks and fenders that keep you covered.

Learn about Blendr

Seamlessly integrate accessories onto your FX with Blendr mounts to hold lights, computers, smart phones, and more.

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