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Electra XL Nylon Ergo Bike Saddle

€ 49,99(UVP) (UVP) (UVP) Modell 28575
Also known as Townie saddles, providing the utmost in cycling comfort.
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Saddle up and ride

With so much style, it's a shame that you have to cover it up.

Also known as a Townie saddle, this beauty provides a whole lot of comfort.


  1. Ergonomic saddle with soft lycra insert and shock-absorbing rubber elastomers
  2. Standard rails, fits most adult bicycles

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Technische Daten

Größe 260mm x 280mm
Länge 260 mm
Breite 280 mm
Strebenabmessungen Rund 7x7 mm (Standard)
Bezugsmaterial Nylon
Strebenmaterial Stahl

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