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Your anywhere, anytime fitness bike

FX and FX Sport are fast, fun, comfortable and agile enough for a multitude of uses. They’re perfect for crushing your morning workout, enjoying your daily commute or cruising to the farmer’s market.

Which FX is right for you?

Every FX is designed to be the ultimate, multi-talented ride. The line-up ranges from recreation and general fitness models to top-of-the-line, performance fitness models – from FX 1 to FX Sport 6. We also offer FX models with a stepthrough or stagger designs that make it easier to hop on and off. One thing’s for sure: whatever your ride needs or overall goals, there’s an FX for you.

Riding for fun

FX is designed to be reliable, capable and confidence-inspiring. Every model is versatile enough to explore your city, get in a quick workout or cruise to the supermarket. If you’ll mostly be using your bike for recreation and just a bit of fitness riding, our introductory FX models are a great place to start.

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Riding to work

The entire FX line-up is comfortable, stable and quick, making it the ideal bike to ride to work and run errands around town. Plus, you can add a rear rack and fenders to make it easy to carry whatever you need for your day and stay drier if the weather’s wet.

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Riding for fitness

All FX models are fully capable of fitness riding – it’s what they were made for! But if you’re looking for a bike you’ll primarily use for working out, crushing fitness goals or riding longer distances, check out the FX Sport. These models have additional performance parts and features you’ll appreciate on longer, faster training sessions.

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Built to work out

"I mostly use my FX for commuting, and of course fitness rides. It is fun to ride, feels fast and I love it. It’s comfortable on short and long rides," -Jim, FX 3

FX Sport: the ultimate fitness bike

If you’re looking to beat your fitness goals, take on longer-distance rides, try a sprint triathlon, or just have a longer commute to work, FX Sport is the bike for you. These models are made with the high-performance parts and materials you’d find on traditional road bikes, like efficient drivetrains and lightweight carbon fibre frames.

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Designed to perform

"The components on this bike are awesome, it handles like a razorblade and it is remarkably light. I rode it 50 miles for the first day and I fell in love for sure." -D, FX Sport 6

Why you’ll love FX and FX Sport

Women’s-specific models

Bikes that have touchpoints designed specifically for women can provide a better fit and feel from the start. That’s why FX women’s models come with a narrower handlebar and women’s-specific saddle.

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Made for more fun

“We’ve been riding twice as much and twice as far as we used to. It is simply a joy to ride these bicycles – smooth-shifting, they make hill-climbing easy and straightaway a blast.” —FoxBuckeye, FX 2

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