IsoStrut: an innovation in speed

The magic of Supercaliber

Supercaliber is a radically new short-travel XC race bike that sprints and climbs faster than a full suspension bike and gives you more control than a hardtail. Its magic comes from IsoStrut, a structural, frame-integrated shock created in partnership with RockShox suspension engineers that delivers the ideal suspension solution for today’s fastest cross country racers.

How IsoStrut works

IsoStrut is a frame-integrated shock that provides 80mm of damped, tunable rear travel for XC racers. Supercaliber’s unique design relies on minimalism. There’s nothing here that isn’t necessary, and every piece is made to work together as part of a greater whole.

Lightweight, structural speed

Standard full suspension bikes have an independent shock and linkage system, but IsoStrut was designed to be a structural part of the bike. This design eliminates the extra hardware and parts normally associated with full suspension bikes, and the extra weight along with them.

Anti-rotation, anti-deflection

IsoStrut is encased in a structural stanchion that prevents twisting, flex, deflection, and shock damage. You get the direct power transfer and racy feel of a hardtail, with a short-travel shock that soaks up the trail’s fatiguing bumps.

Pivotless seatstays

When you add extra linkages to a bike’s design, you get excess lateral motion. That’s not efficient, and it’s not fast. With IsoStrut, our engineers ditched the traditional rear pivot and designed wide, flat seatstays that bow vertically, not laterally. They keep the rear of the bike stiff and give it the responsive feel of a hardtail.

Damped and fully tunable

IsoStrut uses a standard shock pump so you can tune the spring rate for your weight, and it has a dial for adjusting rebound and a lockout. It’s serviceable like any other shock, with seals, bushings, and oil that can be replaced by a qualified technician, and it includes volume spacers that increase bottom-out resistance for large or especially aggressive riders.

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