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Saris smart trainer + Zwift = awesome indoor cycling

You may already have a stationary indoor bike trainer, but technology has changed a lot in the last few years and now you can have a way better experience riding indoors. All you need to do to create your awesome indoor cycling experience is get a Saris smart trainer and pair it with Zwift virtual training.

What’s a smart trainer?

A smart trainer is a stationary bicycle trainer with a computer that measures your power output, automatically adjusts your resistance to mimic real rides, and gives you metrics that let you track your fitness and performance. They pair with virtual training software that turns your stationary miles into a way more fun and engaging workout.

Indoor trainers

What's Zwift?

Zwift is a virtual reality training program that makes indoor cycling fun. With Zwift, you can ride with cyclists from all over the world on a variety of courses, all without ever leaving home.

You can race other riders, host group rides with your friends, do targeted workouts, or just hop on a course and ride. And your smart trainer’s resistance will change to simulate course conditions, so you’ll feel the burn on every hill, just like you were really there.

Zwift is a subscription-based program like Netflix. You can get monthly or yearly subscriptions to unlimited rides, and once you’re in the land of Watopia (Zwift’s virtual world), you can customize the kit and bike your avatar rides.

Ride any time

No sign-ups, no scheduling, no crowded classrooms. Ride when you want, where you want.

Make new friends

Friendly. Competition. Stay motivated training alongside other real-life cyclists.

Explore new worlds

It’s easy to ride longer when you’re having fun.

Trainer accessories

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