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$99.99 Model 32642
A lightweight and compact lock that protects cycling and outdoor enthusiasts from opportunity theft.
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Better safe than sorry

Ottolock Hexband is designed for quick stops and protecting against opportunity theft. OTTOLOCK is truly portable and always there when you need it. OTTOLOCK is not meant to be a replacement for a U-Lock. For maximum security, use a redundant locking method with both a U-Lock and a secondary lock.

Stop for snacks, coffee, or restroom breaks with more peace of mind. Ottolock Hexband increases the level of protection set by the original Cinch Lock by adding three layers of stainless steel bands for more cut resistance.

Product details

  1. Ideal length to lock frame and a wheel to a small post or two bikes together
  2. Six layers of stainless steel compared to three in original Cinch Lock
  3. Lightweight and easy to stow
  4. Coils to a 3 inch (7.6 cm) diameter
  5. Chip-resistant ceramic paint on buckle
  6. Elastomer coating will not scuff or harm finishes
  7. Keyless resettable combination

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