How to dress for bad weather

The weather can be an intimidating factor when you live in a climate that experiences wet, windy, and cold conditions, but as the old adage goes: there’s no such thing as bad weather — only bad gear. We have breathable, robust, and supremely warm apparel that holds its own when Mother Nature shows you her bad side, so you can go from a fair-weather rider to no-matter-the-weather cyclist with warm, dry, protection.

Weave through the wind

Thread up right on days when the gusts are a lot to muster and you’ll find that you can barrel through the breeze with ease. Start with a jacket to take the sting out of harsh wind, but don’t leave your feet and hands out to fend for themselves. Socks, toe covers, and windproof gloves will keep your extremities feeling warmer for longer, so you stay comfortable and protected on the long haul.

Built for the breeze

Cut through the gust with Circuit Wind Jacket on your side.

Gloves to fight the gust

Windshell Gloves protect your digits on blustery rides.

Socks that cut cold

Treat your toes to extra warmth with Race Thermal Crew Socks.

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Totally toasty toes

Let Windshell Toe Covers take the sting away from sharp winds.

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Top to bottom warmth

Trap heat where it matters most in a Windshell Skull Cap.

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Build up a good base

Layer up for gusty days with Endura BaaBaa Merino Baselayer.

Weather the wet

We love to ride, come rain or shine, but it all starts with the right apparel. We looked to some of the wettest cities with the highest bicycle transportation rates to see how they do it. In Amsterdam, Brussels, and Copenhagen, cyclists layer with essential gear to fend off the elements, so they can enjoy spinning through every season, whether or not the weather is wet.

Shielded from showers

Take the rain off your back with Circuit Rainshell Jacket.

A leg up on wet days

Let your legs stay warm and dry in Circuit Softshell Bib Tight.

Warmth even in the wet

Race Thermal Crew Socks give you the warmth you crave on cold, wet days.

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Get a grip on wet rides

Neoprene gloves are your first line of defense against cold, wet digits.

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Dry feet, miles of smiles

When the storm isn’t going to let up, cover up with Waterproof Cycling Shoe Covers for ultimate protection.

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Layer up right

Start your layers right with naturally wicking Endura BaaBaa Merino Baselayers.

Conquer the cold

Comfort in the year’s chilliest season is about more than just bundling up. A great winter kit is not only warm, but protective and breathable, too. Layer right and avoid fabrics like cotton that soak up water and take ages to dry. Threading up with synthetics, wool, and softshell gear will have your skin feeling dry, warm, and protected even when you perspire, so you stay ready to ride even when the mercury dips into the single digits.

Zip into warmth

Fend off the cold with the rugged Circuit Softshell Jacket that insulates while shielding from cold, wet, and wind.

Full-length warmth

Circuit Thermal Tights trap in heat and cut the cold to keep your legs spinning.

Warm feet, long rides

Race Thermal Crew Socks give you the warmth you crave on frosty morning starts.

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Dial in your digits

Give your paws extra protection with Velocis Softshell Gloves.

Trap heat from the top

We lose more heat through our heads than anywhere else. The Thermal Cycling Cap helps trap it in.

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The wonder of wool

Start your layers right with naturally wicking Endura BaaBaa Merino Baselayers.

The Trek Apparel advantage

30-Day Unconditional Guarantee

Every Trek and Bontrager garment is backed by the 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your new piece of apparel, return it, along with the original sales receipt to the original place of purchase within 30 days for an exchange or refund. Think of it as a 30-day test ride.

Made with sustainably sourced materials

The Trek FW22 collection is made using fabrics that contain recycled plastic water bottles. Depending on the model, each piece in our line saves between 17 and 63 PET water bottles (based on an average 16.9 fl. oz. PET water bottle). Our Fall/Winter 2022 collection will save 1.4 million bottles from the landfill!

Soft, feel-good fabrics

Every piece of Trek cycling apparel meets our stringent guidelines for quality and performance — and that includes offering a luxurious feel. Trek apparel is cut from a finer cloth and made with love for you and the planet using sustainable fabrics.