Madone 6 Series


Madone 6 Series is race-bike royalty. Its all-new frame combines a super-aero shape with a phenomenal lighter ride feel. Hand built in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

6 Series has charged the steepest climbs, staged the biggest comebacks, carried the greatest legends. It will take you past your limits, beyond your expectations.

Feature tour


  1. Hand built in USA

    The world’s best carbon craftsmen meticulously hand build each frame from our proprietary OCLV Carbon in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

  2. Customise your ride

    Choose either H1 or H2 Fit to get the perfect position on the bike, and customise the spec with Project One.

  3. Tour-winning tech

    Net Moulding, StepJoint, BB90, E2, performance cable routing, Ride Tuned Seatmast, DuoTrap. This bike is loaded with performance enhancements.

  4. Super-aero frame

    Revolutionary KVF tube shape and tip-to-tail integration, including integrated brakes and seatmast, make Madone an aerodynamic game changer.

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