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Funny, the mountain seems a whole lot smaller now

Remedy is the mountain biker's mountain bike. 27.5" wheels, an aggressive geometry, and a wealth of technical features make a bike that scores tens for capability.

Want to push harder? Want more travel? Ready to graduate up? Remedy is your full suspension express ride to the next level.

Doubly stiff: Boost148/110

Wider 148mm rear and 110mm front hub spacing on 29ers creates stronger, less flexy wheels and allows for wider tires, shorter chainstays, and more chainring options.

Smooth, controlled braking

Our patented ABP (Active Braking Pivot) keeps your suspension from stiffening up when you're on the brakes, giving you confident, steady control.

Adjustable geometry

Our exclusive Mino Link lets you fine tune your bike geometry. Because the greater your control, the harder you can roll.

Trek suspension package

Advanced tech, like ABP (Active Braking Pivot), Full Floater, and RE:aktiv, makes Trek the best-riding full suspension bike.

Remedy Family (17)

Pick a line and hold on

"The Remedy’s frame stiffness figures are higher than Charlie Sheen. It now rivals the Session downhill bike for lateral stiffness. Pick a line, any line, and hold on."

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More capable, charge harder

"Even more capable and ready to charge harder than before, yet lighter and better pedaling than its shorter-travel predecessors."


"High performance 27.5 wheel 150mm travel bike this bike is pretty much hard to fault. Bottom line, an easy to ride, upbeat and very capable bike."

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