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Bo Jackson takes a break from the 2012 cross-Alabama ride

On April 27, 2011 62 tornadoes tore through Alabama claiming the lives of 238. Fast forward to December 2011, Trek President John Burke's office phone rings. "Mr. Burke? This is Bo Jackson. I want to ride my bike to help the people of Alabama and I'm wondering if you might be able to help." John's reply? "Yes! You're going to need a good bike..."

The legend of NFL and MLB star Bo Jackson is modern Greek mythology: Herculean hero performs feats and vanquishes rivals with superhuman strength and speed, until an Achillean injury ends it all. (Unlike Achilles, Bo came back from his injury, but we'll stand by our analogy.)

If Bo's story reads like mythology, the tornadoes that struck Alabama in April of 2011 were pure tragedy. Where towns once stood, only twisted rubble remained. Many lives were lost, many more left in chaos. Bo Jackson was moved to action by the devastation. His idea: Bo Bikes Bama, a ride across Alabama to raise awareness and funding for relief. He'd ride through the communities where the tornadoes left their deepest impact, and invite anyone moved by the tragedy to ride with him.

Trek was honored to aid in the cause. The first challenge: get Hercules comfortable on a 15-pound bike. Trek's Race Shop has worked with countless world-class athletes, but Bo was our first running back. Our crew worked closely with him to ready his bike and kit for the ambitious 300-mile ride.

In April 2012, Bo rode across Alabama, accompanied by a peloton of fellow athletes and regular citizens inspired by his mission to rebuild the Yellowhammer State. To date, Bo Bikes Bama has raised over $600,000 for tornado relief. And the effort continues: Bo Bikes Bama rolls out again this year on April 27 in Cordova, AL. Anyone can join in. We'd love to have you along for the ride to help a great athlete rebuild a great state.

We're inspired by the great athletes who ride Trek bikes, from world champions to weekend warriors. They remind us to dream big, and motivate us to do our best.

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When his home state needed him most, the legendary Bo Jackson decided to go for a bike ride.

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