Shift Comfort


Shift into a biking state of mind. This relaxed comfort bike is such a fun, easy, confidence-inspiring way to get active, it’ll have you inventing reasons to get out and ride.

Looking to make a positive change? Want to be more active, feel better, do something good for yourself? Hop on and let Shift Comfort remind you of just how great it feels to go by bike.

Feature tour


  1. Comfy touchpoints

    Ergo Grips, adjustable handlebar position, supersoft saddle, and suspension fork and seatpost give you an incredibly comfortable ride.

  2. Balance and control

    Higher hand position, heads-up posture, and relaxed geometry make riding easy and fun.

  3. Fit for everyone

    Sturdy 26" wheels give a stable, confident ride to all types of riders, including those who never thought they'd be able to ride a bike. (Shift 4: max 350 lbs)

  4. Lifetime frame warranty

    Ride with confidence! We build our bikes to last, and we stand behind them forever.

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