Project One

Our exclusive custom bike program. You dream it, we build it.

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Beyond the wind tunnel

We went beyond the wind tunnel to make the world's fastest bike even faster. We factored in real-world conditions, tested on actual courses, and again left the competition behind.

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KVF tube shape

Kammtail Virtual Foil is the most aerodynamic tube shape ever designed for a bicycle. And now it's even faster, with less frontal area and reduced drag at all yaw angles.

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Ultra-clean front end

Incredibly svelte! Fully integrated handlebar with hidden shift and brake cables presents 30% less surface to the wind. The lightest, cleanest, most aero front end ever.

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Invisible brakes

Speed Concept is the first bike with front and rear brakes built directly into the fuselage. This innovative setup results in less drag and cleaner lines.

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The fastest fit

Nothing fits like Speed Concept, thanks to the best fit window in the industry. You'll feel the difference, from the bike leg through to the finish line.

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Integrated Speed Storage

Bontrager integrated Speed Storage products are so well fitted to the Speed Concept frame that you and your bike are actually more aerodynamic with them than without.

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Full-foil fork

We tested every shape possible in the wind tunnel and on the course in pursuit of this no-holds-barred full-foil aero fork.

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Integrated handlebar

Bar is integrated into the frame for the sleekest, lowest-drag profile.

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Speed Fin

Our exclusive Speed Fin boosts braking power and improves aerodynamics.

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Speed Concept 9 Series Frameset



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Speed Concept 9.5 WSD

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