Go big

Stache is an all-new species of 29+ mountain bike performance. The wide 3" tires grip relentlessly, amplifying all the benefits of 29ers, while remarkably short chainstays deliver a fun, lively ride.

Want the capability of a full suspension trail bike in a simple hardtail package, plus the extra benefits of 29+ tires? Then you were born to ride the Stache.

  1. The Stache advantage You'll be amazed at how the capable, unshakable 29+ tires immediately allow you to corner harder and faster without breaking loose.

  2. Short, lively chainstays Most 29+ frames are stretched to fit bigger tires. Not Stache. The elevated midstay and 1X drivetrain pull the rear wheel forward for a short 420mm - 405mm chainstay.

  3. Doubly stiff: Boost148/110 Wider 148mm rear and 110mm front hub spacing on 29ers creates stronger, less flexy wheels and allows for wider tires, shorter chainstays, and more chainring options.

  4. You decide: 29+/27.5+/29˝ Trek's smartly designed Stranglehold Dropout accommodates several wheel sizes. Run 29+ for an ultimate trail-crushing ride, 27.5+ for a more playful setup, or standard 29˝ for XC performance.

What people are saying

The Stache 29+ was like driving a trophy truck, allowing me to bomb through the trail chatter. After the bottom of the first downhill, my mouth hurt from smiling so hard.

When it comes to technical climbing, the extra rollover ability that 29ers possess is one of their most often-touted strengths, and the Stache's supersized dimensions take this trait to the next level.