Light up your commute

Lync is a dedicated, low-maintenance, tricked-out commuter bike. Every detail, right down to the integrated lighting, makes getting from point A to B as easy and fun as possible.

Lync riders view their bike the way freeway junkies view their car: as an absolute necessity. Lync will keep your life in motion.

  1. Lighting built in See and be seen. On-board lighting builds maximum visibility right into the frame. Sleek and totally integrated. The 24-hour commuter.

  2. Track and map your miles DuoTrap S-compatible frame lets you add the DuoTrap S sensor, then track miles ridden and fitness gained using your smartphone.

  3. Steadfast stopping power Weatherproof disc brakes provide confident stopping power in all conditions.

  4. Internal gear hub A versatile range of gears, sealed within the rear hub. No derailleur means virtually no maintenance, and you can shift while standing still.