Pedal Trailers

Bring them along for the ride


Pedal trailers let you bring your kids along to share in the adventure, even when the route is too long for those little legs. Broaden their horizons, bike style!

You care about safety, kids care about fun. The smart design and quality construction of these trusty trailers will keep you both happy for many miles to come.



  1. Dialed contact points

    Every point where a young rider touches the bike (handlebars, saddles, grips, pedals) has been Dialed to just the right size.

  2. Dialed Fit system

    The frame, fork, and all the parts have been Dialed to fit kids right from the start, and to keep pace as they grow.

  3. Quality, built in

    The same Trek quality you know and love applies to all our kids' bikes.

  4. Safe riding

    Proper fit and quality build mean easier starting, easier stopping, and safer riding.

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