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Unleash your potential

You won’t believe what the right fit can do for you. Trek Precision Fit is the best way to improve your performance on the bike.

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A proven process

A personal fitting experience will address your specific needs, giving you a tailor-made solution that will lead to countless hours of faster, more comfortable, more enjoyable riding.

1 The interview

Your Precision Fit technician will talk with you to learn your goals and needs as a cyclist.

2 Physical assessment

Before you get on the bike, your fit technician will assess your range of motion and flexibility.

3 Shoe setup

You and your technician will determine proper shoe selection and cleat placement to ensure a sound foundation.

4 Starting position

Your on-the-bike fit starts with an evaluation of your current position and a simple overview of the steps to follow.

5 Lower body setup

Setup starts with saddle selection, and continues through a series of incremental adjustments to create your ideal biomechanical alignment.

6 Upper body setup

Here's where your fit takes its final form, with proper stem height and reach and handlebar shape and width to optimize your posture and power.

7 Review and followup

You'll end your session with a detailed document that defines your fit, and a followup appointment to guarantee your satisfaction.

Calibrated by

Bontrager is committed to helping you get more out of every ride. We address your specific fit needs with precise calibration of the right width, shape, and size of all key components.


"I am focused on maximizing every bit of performance on the bike, and that takes the right fit. The Trek Precision Fit process helped identify key adjustments that have taken my performance to the next level."

Fabian Cancellara

Trek Factory Racing

“I’ve been through a lot of crazy fittings, but only Trek Precision Fit helped truly educate me. Now I know what position and posture to hold for optimal power, and why I need that specific setup. It’s an amazing program that anyone can benefit from.”

Fumi Beppu

Trek Factory Racing

“Trek Precision Fit went far beyond the basic bar/saddle height adjustment. The fitting was focused on me, and I walked away with a thorough understanding of the what and why of my specific fit. I’ve found my sweet spot!”

Aimee Gould

Pedal Power, San Marcos, TX

Choose your fit service

Trek Precision Fit retailers offer a variety of services to suit your needs. Please contact your local retailer to verify availability.

Standard analysis


  • Shoe sizing
  • Stance width
  • Cleat placement


  • Saddle selection
  • Saddle height
  • Saddle fore/aft position


  • Stem selection
  • Stem length
  • Stem height


  • Handlebar shape
  • Handlebar width
  • Handlebar position

Optional analysis

Motion capture

High-speed motion camera captures your biomechanics on the bike (available at select retailers)

Fit Bike Pro

A Trek exclusive: the most advanced sizing tool in the industry (available at select retailers)

Pressure Analysis

On-screen interactive pressure analysis display guides saddle selection and position. (available at select retailers)

Get fit with Trek Precision Fit

Visit your Trek retailer for a personal fitting. It's the best way to improve your performance on the bike.

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