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Remember your first bike? The joy you felt when you first laid eyes on it? The sense of freedom and adventure when you set out for a ride? The thrill of moving faster than your feet could carry you? We want every kid to have a great first-bike experience, and a great experience with every bike after that.

We build our kids' bikes to ride better, last longer, and carry kids safely to more adventures, whether they're just getting started on two wheels or are ready to hit the race circuit. And we load them with super-smart features, like our exclusive Dialed Fit system that allows the bike to grow along with its young rider.

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  1. Dialed Fit components Handlebars, saddle, grips, pedals... every point where your kid touches the bike has been Dialed for optimal size and adjustability.

  2. Dialed Fit frame Frame and fork have been Dialed to fit kids right from the start, and to keep pace as they grow.

  3. Quality, built in The same Trek quality you know and love applies to all our kids’ bikes.

  4. Safe riding Proper fit and quality build mean easier starting, easier stopping, and safer riding.

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