Emonda Domane Madone Trilemma

Émonda: I have simply never ridden anything like it. If you have never ridden the lightest bike in the world I suggest you give it a try, just for kicks. Pulling away gives you the sense of having a tail-wind and built in electric motor all in one. Madone: The Madone is brutalist cycling architecture where everything plays second fiddle to straight-line speed over distance. Out on the road I have always found that Madone is a bike with an agenda. You forgive its propensity to kick back off bumps and be over-sharp into turns because it is devastatingly efficient at speed. Domane: With a low-slung BB and long chainstays with super-stable steering, just add a set of good wheels and 25mm tyres and the Domane is literally a go-anywhere, do-anything bike. It is astonishingly adept and stupidly compliant and comfortable. Everywhere. CYW: Trek Factory Racing were involved in the development of all recent Trek bikes. All Fabian's classic squad run the Domane and he likes it that way. The rest have switched to É