Trek Émonda SLR 8

[Émonda] actually reminds me of my first road bike. Of course this bike is light-years more advanced, but it reminds me, in a way, of how simple and light my first one looked and felt. I was a complete mountain bike goon when I acquired my first skinny-wheeled ride, but I loved how light it was, and how fast I could go. That's the feeling I get on the new Emonda. It's super light and simple, and it doesn't have any crazy gimmicks. Trek kept the bike traditional looking, yet produced an amazing race bike.

Test riding the new Trek Émonda

Sure the bike is light and it shows this quality when the road heads upwards, but the way it sits on the road, the comfort and handling are all areas that I feel it excels in in equal measures. It may not be sold on these points but they are qualities that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Trek Émonda SLR 8 H1

Compare the Emonda SLR8 with another hot 58cm full-mechanical Dura-Ace build launched this summer, the 2015 S-Works Tarmac, and the Emonda SLR8 is $800 less and a pound-and-a-half lighter. Riders who could care less about the scale can get as excited about the Émonda as weight weenies. The Émonda is the liveliest bike Trek has ever made, combining scintillating road feel and ultra-low weights that don't rely on gimmicky builds or meaningless "advertised" frame weights