Madone 3 Series


Madone 3 Series packs a ton of high-end road bike tech into our greatest OCLV Carbon value yet, delivering superior performance and the winning legacy that defines Madone.

3 Series is tailor made for the performance junkie looking for world-class carbon on a down-to-earth budget. This is your Madone.

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  1. Best-in-class carbon

    Trek OCLV Carbon offers the best ride for the money, thanks to an optimal balance of areal weight, stiffness, and compliance.

  2. Pro-level ride

    At the heart of every Trek road bike lives the intuitive responsiveness of Trek’s peloton-proven-performance design.

  3. Race-ready handling

    Asymmetric E2 head tube is wider at the bottom for a stiffer, better-handling frame without added weight.

  4. All-weather versatility

    Every frame is fashioned with front and rear mudguard mounts so you can ride all year long.

I haven't been on a road bike for years, so I was worried about how good my balance would be. My new 3.1 is just so stable, it's amazing. As soon as I got on and started riding, I felt instantly in control. Just an amazingly stable bike.

Vancouver, BC Canada

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