Road / Power. Passion. Performance. These light, swift bikes have what it takes to keep you out front.

Trek is the #1 performance bike brand. Our R&D department is the best in the world, and they're committed to making every one of our road bikes, from hand-built carbon race machines to refined aluminium models, the absolute best in its class. You'll feel the difference, from the first ride all the way to the podium.

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Performance Race

Train, race, win

  1. High tech. Nobody does tech better than Trek. And these bikes are loaded.

  2. Light. Shed ounces, gain seconds. These are our leanest race machines.

  3. Fast. Every detail of these bikes is engineered for ultimate performance.

Endurance Race

Better eat a big breakfast

  1. Affordable. Performance plus value puts speed within reach.

  2. Fast. Why ride, when you can fly instead?

  3. Light. No excess baggage on these bikes. They're lean and ready to run.


The fastest bike just got faster

  1. Aerodynamic. The wind tunnel doesn't lie: these are the sleekest bikes ever made.

  2. Comfortable. Perfect fit and a super-smooth ride will keep you fresh for the run.

  3. High tech. Nobody does tech better than Trek. And these bikes are loaded.


From fitness to fun, and all points in between

  1. Comfortable. The more you enjoy the ride, the further you'll want to go.

  2. Fast. These sleek, speedy bikes make it easy to rack up the miles.

  3. Versatile. Fitness rides, errand runs, pleasure cruises, do it all.


World Cup-winning performance

  1. Agile. Fast and true on pavement, surefooted in the woods and mud.

  2. Fast. These bikes are purpose-built to race across varied terrain.

  3. Tough. Cross bikes relish whatever the course throws at them. And we mean anything.


The great escape

  1. Capable. Load this bike up for the long haul, and pile on the miles.

  2. Comfortable. Go the distance in smooth, stable comfort.

  3. Reliable. High mileage and remote destinations make reliability a must.

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