Skye is a fun, versatile mountain bike for women. It's capable and confident on or off the road, and designed to fit you right from the start. Let the adventure begin.

The easy confidence and great fit of Sky’s Women’s Specific Design (WSD) puts you in total control, so you can relax and enjoy every moment on the bike.

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  1. Limited lifetime warranty

    These bikes are built to last, and backed by Trek's limited lifetime warranty.

  2. Best-fitting women’s MTB

    Exclusive Women’s Specific Design (WSD) features best-in-class standover for confidence, plus saddle, grips, and other contact points sized for you.

  3. Refined touchpoints

    Women's specific components at critical touchpoints (saddle, bars, grips) take fit and comfort to the next level.

  4. Comfort and control

    You'll ride with confidence and control thanks to a WSD Rider Right suspension fork designed for women.

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Customer Review

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