Enjoy the ride

Verve is the versatile, easy-riding hybrid bike that will carry you wherever you want to go. It’s a light, fun, comfortable companion mile after mile.

Enjoy the ride! Road or path, recreation or fitness, charity ride or commute, the smooth-riding Verve Hybrid makes every mile fun and easy.

  1. Fast, smooth ride Hybrid wheels roll fast and smooth, so you can cover more ground and have more fun.

  2. Comfy touch points Ergo grips, adjustable handlebar position, supersoft saddle, and suspension fork and seat post give you an incredibly comfortable ride.

  3. Light, durable frame Alpha Aluminium frame is light enough for zippy fun, and tough enough for years of riding on pavement or path.

  4. Lifetime frame warranty Ride with confidence! We build our bikes to last, and we stand behind them forever.