The drop-bar CrossRip is quick in traffic, sure-footed when the weather or pavement gets rough, comfortable over the long haul. Road bike? Cross bike? Commuter? Yes.

Whatever you need to get done, CrossRip can do it. Stretch out for a head-down sprint, or cruise through traffic with heads-up agility. This bike will let you do it all.

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  1. Do-it-all versatility

    Versatile geometry with drop bars, wide gearing range, and rack and mudguard compatibility give this bike do-anything attitude.

  2. Fast and light

    Built with our Alpha Aluminium frame technology, CrossRip is nimble, fast, and flat-out fun to ride.

  3. All-weather control

    Responsive handling and all-weather disc brakes keep you in control whatever the conditions.

  4. Ride-longer technology

    Vibration-damping IsoZone road bar and puncture-resistant Bontrager Hard-Case tyres will keep you rolling all day.

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