Trek: Trek At The Olympics: Part Nine


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Day 10 –

Anyone who is still going on about the pollution in Beijing has either not been outdoors for several days or is off their nut. That is not to say it won’t change tomorrow, but for the last several days it has been spectacular!

Today was the woman’s triathlon.  What a fun sport and an enthusiastic group of fans. The venue, which was the Ming Tombs Reservoir and surrounding area, was fabulous. The swim started in the reservoir, followed by the bike transition which ran the athletes just in from of the spectator stands, followed by the run, which also kept them close to the spectators. Although no great surprise, the Australians dominated and walked away with the race.

The evening included another session of track cycling and this once again did not disappoint.  Well, actually that is not entirely true. Although not a favorite, Sarah Hammer was at least the USA’s main hopeful for the event. Unfortunately, shortly into the race a Korean rider crashed into Sarah, knocking her down and breaking her collarbone. Yep, you guessed it – game over. While that was disappointing, the Brits on the other hand were constantly winning medals and pleasing the British fan immensely. The Great Britain men’s team pursuit set a new world record, breaking the time they had set just the night before. It was very impressive to see their time and how fast they rode compared to the night before.


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