Trek: Trek At The Olympics: Part Seven


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Day 8

Tickets...a hard thing to come by in Beijing.  This morning several Trek staff decided to try to get tickets to the swimming events at the Water Cube.  So they got up early, went to the Olympic Green and thought they would try their hand with scalpers.  It turned out that tickets are really pretty easy to come by...just the good ones are hard to get.  They were offered Modern Pentathalon, Fencing, Archery, Badminton, Race Walking (huh?  Wasn’t that one a free competition??  If not, seems it should be)...but no Swimming. Finally they did locate some (they were hoping for 4), but as the asking price was more than the average person's annual salary, they decided to go find a coffee shop and watch from there. Go Michael!

Another thing we are finding interesting while here at the Olympics is the number of well known athletes, current and former, that you see and run into.  Today, Trek China General Manager Todd McKean ran into former Australian pro and Garmin Director Sportif Matt White and the most famous Australian cyclist of all time, Phil Anderson.  He also had an encounter with Beach Volleyball phenoms Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh…I am guessing he was a little more interested in meeting the girls than seeing the boys again!

Unfortunately the track was not very kind to USA.  Both Taylor Phinney and Sarah Hammer struggled in their events and did not move forward.  For those being honest with themselves, this was the expected result for Taylor.  While he is the current World Jr Pursuit Champion and World Record Holder, the Jr Pursuit only covers 3km, while the Sr men and Olympic distance requires the athlete to cover 4km.  That extra 1km may not seem like much, but that is the point where many crack.  Although Phinney received a significant amount of attention and press coverage, unfortunately much of it was overly optimistic. Of course, keep in mind Taylor is only 18 and has a long and likely successful road ahead of him. Hype or not, it was great to see all the support he got from friends and family. I am sure we will see great things from him in the future.  Sarah on the other hand was a big and realistic hope for the US team.  Maybe the only genuinely realistic US track medal hopeful.  As a 2-time World Champion and a regular visitor to the top step of the awards podium, it was disappointing to see her not even make the finals!  Maybe she will come back and surprise us in the Women’s Points Race tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed.


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